• Play test sign up to open on Tuesday 4th May with 30,000 registration keys available.
  • Hash Rush - winner of the 2018 Best Innovation Award at Gamescom - to reveal a range of improved game features including new units, buildings and environmental assets.
  • In-game purchases of NFT’s on a simulated marketplace will give players a taste of the hotly anticipated Vorto Network.
  • Sign ups open at 00:00 (PT) / 09:00 (CET) / 15:00 (CST) via hashrush.com

Thursday 29 April, 2021: Real-time strategy game Hash Rush has confirmed it will launch a reimagined version of the title - hosting a play test sign up period that will commence next week. 
The play test sign up, which goes live on Tuesday 4th May May will give 30,000 gamers the opportunity to experience a reconfigured universe that will be revealed this summer. 
Hash Rush has undergone a visual transformation, most notably moving from a spherical to flat surface interface; a transition that has helped improve multiple visuals as well as all-round gameplay experience. The update also includes a variety of new and improved in-game features including new units, environmental assets and buildings. Players will also be able to enjoy a more immersive combat experience, making the game more action orientated and testing players tactical abilities as they progress.
There is also an improved crafting system where players can create and customise new heroes earned through completing challenges or finishing levels. During the play test period, users will be able to temporarily trade their items with other players across a simulated version of the Vorto Network - set to launch later this year as one of the most innovative platforms in blockchain gaming. 
Commenting on the upcoming launch, Kris Vaivods, CEO of Vorto Gaming said: “The play test launch is the first major step in our new journey with Hash Rush, and it comes at what is an extremely exciting time for Vorto Gaming. We have come such a long way since Hash Rush first launched in 2018 and we’re optimistic players will really embrace the new and improved Hermeian galaxy. We have such a passionate and dedicated team developing the game, and there are so many features we can’t wait to show gamers all over the world.”
First released in 2018, Hash Rush was critically acclaimed and received nominations at a number of industry awards, including the prestigious Gamescom where it took home Best Innovation Award as well as being nominated for Best Indie Game. 
The play-to-earn model allows players to build their universe and create mining colonies that they must protect from enemies. In return, they earn virtual currencies through the completion of challenges and collection of floor loot. There are also other rewards on offer in the form of boosts and skins.
“We have also signed some incredible partnerships in recent weeks and are in the process of developing a variety of assets that will be available during the play test phase that celebrate these collaborations. The partnerships are a fantastic opportunity to grow the marketplace and entice a completely new audience to Hash Rush and the Vorto Network. That was our motivation from the beginning; to make gaming more accessible, more enjoyable and more rewarding.” Kris added. 
Hash Rush play test sign ups will open at 00:00 Pacific Time / 09:00 Central European Time / 15:00 China Standard Time via hashrush.com and selected partner platforms.


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