BELLINGHAM, April, 23rd, 2021 – You are the glass eye of a very forgetful explorer. Somewhere deep inside the remains of an ancient city, you were removed and left behind all alone. Now you must discover past events and clues hidden deep inside the maze of the ruin that will help you find a way out …

EyeRoll features the player character as the glass eye of a very forgetful explorer who left you behind all by yourself deep inside ancient ruins. You roll around on a stone floor with pockets of sand that dehydrates you and you must moisturize yourself in small water puddles that are hard to find between a maze of broken walls. You discover ancient statues, sigils, baths, mysterious lamp posts, remains of past inhabitants and paintings that are all somehow connected and holds a clue to the way out.

It usually takes a

QUOTE : “Eye like it… : / ” – Aegix, Epic Games forums

QUOTE: “Geniet dit. :P” – Hennie Basson, New Zealand

The EyeRoll was build over a peroid of 5 weeks on an Asus ROG g752vt gaming laptop. All 3D modeling was done in Blender 2.80 beta and the game engine is Epic Games’ Unreal 4 which is the same engine Fortnite runs on. The Unreal 4 engine is free to use upfront and can be downloaded here: EyeRoll runs on Windows 64 bit.

EyeRoll can be purchased for $2.99 U.S.D. and downloaded on Steam here:

EyeRoll was developed by a solo developer Etienne Andlau and his company Pencilgun is located in the city of Bellingham, Washington state.


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