Today, indie game developer Yangyang Mobile releases Perfect Gold. A short, coming-of-age yuri visual novel, Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness (or just “Perfect Gold”) is the story of two young mages who get a second chance at love and friendship by escaping detention in order to attend a long-awaited festival.

In Perfect Gold, you get to play as Marion LaRue, a fiery elemental mage, and Audrey Clary, the heiress of the renowned alchemist Clary family. As they spend the day together, players can uncover how Marion and Audrey’s relationship fell apart.

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  • A WLW (women who love women) story for WLW: Follow a heartwarming, slice-of-life story between two girls as they get a second chance at love and friendship.
  • A short and sweet story: At around 30,000 words and with 2-4 hours of gameplay, Perfect Gold is just the game for those who like to relax with character-driven visual novels.
  • 2 Playable Characters: See the story unfold through the eyes of Audrey and Marion.
  • Fully Voiced: Features a cast of talented professional English voice actors who breathe life into the characters.
  • Vibrant and Animated Visuals: Immerse yourself in the magical city of Castlecoast, brought to life by animated characters, backgrounds & illustrations.
  • Interactive Dialogue Choices: Your choices influence the characters’ actions and will affect the story’s ending.
  • Original Soundtrack: Listen to beautifully composed music tracks that accentuates the story’s most emotional beats.

Last year, Perfect Gold launched its Kickstarter campaign with a base goal of $8,000 USD. With the help of its 900+ backers, the game was able to reach double its funding goal. 

If yuri is your cup of tea, then we highly suggest checking out the game. You can purchase Perfect Gold on Steam for $7.99, with a 10% discount during its launch week:

Perfect Gold is available on both Windows and Mac. Aside from English, the game is also localized to Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian and German languages.


Yangyang Mobile is an indie game development company specializing in story-driven games. Based in the Philippines, the company is run by a group of passionate individuals who live off creativity and pizza. 

To learn more about their games, visit their website:

Or check out their Steam page:

Or support them on Patreon:


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