Online Cooperative Gameplay Puts 3D Platformer in the Cadaverous Hands of Quest Users Everywhere with Free Cross-Play Available for PC/Mac

esolution Games – the virtual reality studio behind hit VR games Blaston, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, Bait! and upcoming RPG Demeo – today launched Carly and the Reaperman for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 (trailer here). Last fall, Resolution Games announced it would be publishing Odd Raven Studios’ award-winning title, and now eager fans can grab a friend and help Carly as she embarks on a dark and mysterious journey to escape the underworld on Quest platforms, with cross-play available for free with a PC or Mac. 
“At Resolution Games, we are always listening to the community and noticed a lack of cooperative games for Quest,” explained Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games. “So being able to work with Odd Raven Studios to publish Carly and the Reaperman for Quest platforms is a positive step for the VR community and speaks to the expanding market the industry caters to. And with the free PC/Mac app, Quest users can play as the Reaperman and invite their non-VR friends to play from a PC or Mac as Carly for remote or couch co-op gameplay.”
A first of its kind in the VR world, Carly and the Reaperman for Oculus Quest is an incredibly fun, cooperative and adventurous 3D platformer that allows two players on Quest VR headsets to work together to complete various puzzles and challenges, while also having the option to play Quest-to-PC/Mac. When taking on the role of Carly, a player on Quest or PC/Mac runs, jumps and dodges their way through dangerous and complex environments, as well as completes skull-scratching puzzles. The Reaperman – controlled by a second player on Quest – manipulates the environment in real-time, presents paths that were previously inaccessible, and bends the Underworld to its will, all to help Carly complete her adventure. In addition to Quest-to-Quest and Quest-to-PC/Mac gameplay, a single player mode is also available for one player to control both characters on Quest. 
“We are very excited to work with Resolution Games to release a Quest version of Carly and the Reaperman and to launch it alongside a free PC/Mac app that lets anyone – even without a VR headset – join and play a VR game,” said Johan Högfeldt, CTO of Odd Raven Studios. “We always envisioned Carly and the Reaperman to be a gateway into VR, and now that is more true than ever.”
The title is also the first to be released as part of Resolution Games’ publishing initiative that aims to help advance VR adoption rates across the industry. Under this initiative, the studio works with game developers to help curate content that will create richer store environments by focusing on bringing existing, high quality titles – like Carly and the Reaperman – to more VR platforms. 
To download Carly and the Reaperman ($19.99) for Quest platforms, visit The free PC/Mac version can be downloaded at
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