Queen City Escape has been in the business of puzzles for the last five years. They are known for challenging puzzles, fun and friendly entertainment, and a wacky sense of humor. And now they are proud to announce their latest offering, An Office Escape Room Misadventure: Online Escape Game.

When the pandemic first hit, many businesses were forced to rethink exactly how they do business. Queen City Escape was no exception. “With our doors closed, we had to get creative,” says owner Dominic Luongo, “So we began to concentrate entirely on online games.”

“This meant we had to reverse engineer not only our puzzles, but our entire business model to fit into a digital platform,” Dominic continued, “Which meant a lot of late nights, seemingly endless trial and error, and ridiculous amounts of coffee.”

Not too long after making the switch, Queen City Escape Room released their first online game Shadow Out of Time, a Lovecraftian mystery, playable entirely online. Later, Queen City Escape took everything they learned from this first game, and used it to create an even more streamlined and entertaining user experience.
“In order to build this game I’ve spent the last six months working on puzzle design, character creation, 8-bit animation, and teaching myself to code. It has been quite the journey.”

The great thing about online escape games is that they’re playable immediately. As soon as the mood strikes -whether it’s game night, date night, or you just have the night off and are looking for a challenge- you can play it right away and take as long as you like to play it.
An Office Escape Room Misadventure is a funny game. You play as, “The Temp,” in an office full of wacky characters. It’s your first day, and immediately there’s chaos. The office supplies have gone missing, one of your co-workers has locked everyone inside their offices, and now it’s up to you to solve a series of puzzles to get to the bottom of this alleged mystery.

Inspired by his love of 8-bit video games, Dominic wanted to create something with a particular look and feel. “I was a big gamer growing up,” says owner Dominic Luongo, “and I’ve always wanted to create something like the games I played when I was a kid. Games like Shadowgate or Maniac Mansion, and I really feel like we’ve accomplished that goal with our new game.

“I really want people to have fun!” Dominic said. Creating quality entertainment and building communication and relationships have been the cornerstones of Queen City Escape Room.

An Office Escape Room Misadventure is available for $9.99.

The game’s demo can be played here: www.queencityescape.com/officemisadventuregamedemo

The place to get the game is at our square site:

And of course, people can always visit our site: queencityescape.com


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