Think fast to solve 100 colorful labyrinth puzzles and color your world!

 Mindscape is excited to announce the challenging puzzle game Color Your Worldfor Nintendo Switch! Travel the world and through the seasons on a journey full of colorful labyrinths or choose the local multiplayer mode with up to four players. Think fast and leave no path unpainted! Color Your World will be available on Nintendo eShop on May 20th and as a physical code in a box release in retail on the same day

Watch the trailer for the game here

Color each maze with as few moves as possible to earn 3 stars and unlock new challenging levels. Play 100 levels and encounter obstacles such as moving walls, teleporters and treadmills!

It usually takes a

Challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode with up to four players. Who will come up with the best strategy to become the champion? Use special power-ups to get an edge over your opponents. Only the smartest players will be victorious!

About Mindscape

Mindscape B.V. has been at the forefront of development, marketing, publishing and distribution of video games since 1991. Over the past 30 years, Mindscape has captured the minds and imagination of many gamers around the world. Our games are being played by millions of people, both adults and kids across all ages. In the past, our fans knew us for games like Myst, Reader Rabbit and Prince of Persia 3D. Our new fans will know us for games like Harvest Life, Super Puzzle Pack and Taxi Chaos.

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