The Ultimate Party Game for Wisecracking Cinephile Launches 0n All Platforms Today! Special Discount for Launch Week!    

 Independent games developer Wide Right Interactive  proudly announces that What The Dub?!, a unique multiplayer party game sure to delight wisecracking fans of bad movie nights, is now available on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (forward compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S), and Steam (PC/Mac) for $7.99!  The hilarious party game pits players against friends and family to craft the wittiest dubs to cinema’s most cringy moments! Additionally, those that purchase What the Dub?! this week will be able to purchase it for 10% off as a special launch week discount!
As an added launch day bonus, the developers will be streaming the game with fellow developers, writers, and filmmakers on their Steam page ( The stream kicks off at 9am PT.
What The Dub?! is a multiplayer party game where each player overdubs missing dialogue from hilariously awful B-movies, woefully outdated PSAs, and bizarre industrial films, with their own witty (or just plain stupid) dubs. Their dubs are then pitted against other players in a head-to-head clash of comedy. The players – along with up to 6 audience members – then vote for their favorite dub! What The Dub?! takes “bad movie night” and expands it into an interactive, fast-paced, multiplayer game that friends and family, both local and afar, can enjoy!
What The Dub?! challenges players to produce the most humorous replacement dialogue for a vast collection of public domain movie clips. Win the crowd over with your dubs and you’ll rack up points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. It’s just that easy!
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What The Dub?! features:
● Casual party game fun for 3 to 12 players, with 6 entering their dubs, and an additional 6 audience members voting on their favorites.
● Over 300 hand selected clips to ensure hours of unique movie dubbing fun for players. Wisecrack, quip and insult the night away!
● Easy access and connectivity with friends and family as players enter text and vote using any browser enabled device – phones, tablets, or computers.
● Players will be able to hear their witty creations live! Replacement dubs are played back embedded in the clips using text-to-speech. Players can also add hilarious sound effects to enhance their dubs!
● Original score by Emmy nominated composer Jonathan Hylander. (Nominated for a Daytime Emmy and Annie Award for his work on Sanjay and Craig.)
What The Dub?! Details
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, and Steam (PC/Mac)
Next Gen: Forward compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
Release Date: April 8th, 2021
Players: Local Multiplayer 3 to 12 players (6 players, 6 audience members)
Genres: Party, Multiplayer, Casual, Comedy
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