Elteria Adventures unveils a massive cube-shaped world overhaul


The developers of the upcoming online sandbox RPG Elteria Adventures have unveiled a major graphics and gameplay overhaul in order to create a more cohesive and clear player experience. The first wave of these changes has already reached the closed playtest stage, as the developers are actively looking for more playtesters.

Said first wave of changes contains a major rework of the game’s graphics and its creative elements:

  • Cubes! The world, previously consisting of rounded voxels, has now switched to cubic ones, reminiscent of other games in the genre. This, along with the graphics improvements, creates a vastly different feel of the game world. “Playtests showed us that cubic surroundings lead to better player experience – the world became more easily readable and looked way more in line with players’ beautiful architectural creations, developers noted. 
  • Optimized Building. The update has introduced a reworked building framework to make the construction easier. It also added smaller building blocks, which opens more creative possibilities for buildings and adds more variation in natural geometries such as caves and mountains.
  • Accessible Terramorphing. The update made it easier to both gather resources, as well as destroy and rebuild environments. This means that players will get access to powerful abilities affecting the world of the game from the very start.
  • Sandbox quests. The game’s quest system is also undergoing an overhaul in order to allow the player more narrative freedom. Essential progression is no longer hidden behind quests, allowing players to go virtually anywhere from the start of the game.

If you’re interested in seeing these and the following changes in Elteria Adventures for yourself (or to give the game your first try), you can participate in the closed playtest by joining the Elteria Adventures Discord community.

About Elteria Adventures
Elteria Adventures is an upcoming sandbox online RPG set in a colorful voxel world full of impossibly cute, but deadly creatures. Players are able to create castles and bridges, dig deep to uncover secret caverns, and level whole mountains. Skill-based combat system opens possibilities to create cunning traps by changing the environment or simply punch enemies through walls. And platrofmer-style movement urges players to jump, glide and fly their way around the beautiful floating islands.

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Elteria Adventures on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/744200/Elteria_Adventures/

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