Apolune 2 has been released on STEAM! (Lost Astronaut Studios)


From:  Lost Astronaut Studios

Pittsburgh, PA and Outer Space

Lost Astronaut Studios has released the second installment in the Apolune series.  The tiny indie studio has departed from earlier works by focusing on a small, fun multi-player co-op game where up to 8 players can simultaneously work together to perform the role of deep space miners.

Lead developer, Captain Poopiepants, said of this game:  “It is focused on having fun with up to 8 other people in a simultaneous way.  Unlike other games made by Lost Astronaut that were cartoon-like but had serious themes, this game is designed to be funny — and a bit frustrating — from the first moments.  I wanted this game to be designed around the idea that more than 2 players were going to work together.”

The game involves one or multiple astronauts who are tethered to a deep space mining station.  Periodically, a cargo ship arrives to collect ore from the miners once they have mined a certain threshold.  Hazards like space rock collisions and, of course, alien infestations bring trouble to the players.

The game is designed to appear similar to an original Atari 2600 game, or the 8-bit game genre.  It is a self proclaimed “lo-fi classic” and is more fun than it may look.  As with the original Apolune game, once a certain threshold of purchases is released, the developer will continue to embellish the game.

“If 1000 people buy the game, I’ll add some features, and for every 1000 copies sold thereafter until 10000 units or more are sold.”  Captain Poopiepants is a little reluctant to share figures from Apolune, but he thinks this game is widely overlooked.  He hopes Apolune 2 does better.

“My friends play my games and they like them, then I release them to STEAM and it’s like dropping it into a black hole. STEAM claims to give your title a certain amount of views, called impressions.  50000 impressions doesn’t translate into even 5 purchases.  If you look at the game and think ‘boy those graphics suck’ then I don’t think it’s a fair way to determine the value of these games.  These are fundamentally fun games.  They just need players to take the initiative and care about them because it becomes very discouraging to write feature, or even the next title.  The most important thing for me is hearing from fans and players of my games.  We’re just a tiny indie studio, we barely make back the listing fees for our games.”

Is there an Apolune 3 planned?  Apolune 3 will be released “whenever it is ready, not super soon though” and focuses on expanding the series to include terrestrial battles on the lunar surface.   Apolune 3 screen grabs are teased on the Lost Astronaut Studios discord channel.  It is using a unique sprite lighting technique, and harkens back to a specific 16-bit era of gaming.  More on that as the project develops.

Discord channel: https://discord.gg/9vkNPJr
Official website: http://lostastronaut.com/apolune2

The game went on sale April 1, 2021, and is NO JOKE.  The game can be purchased on STEAM at a launch discount of 10%,
and retails at $4.99 USD.   It supports STEAM RemotePlay and local co-op.  It was released for Windows and Linux simultaneously.

STEAM store page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1549140/Apolune_2/

Official Game Guide:  https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1549140/view/3120406755533333465

Apolune 2 is a stand-alone adventure single player and local co-op game set in the asteroid belt. You and your team of astronauts are asteroid miners on a mission to make spacebucks, survive and thrive in deep space. Fill the local high scores to challenge your friends and family to a fantastic experience. Use STEAM Remote Play to play the game with your friends online. Collect resources, buy upgrades and fight aliens and space pirates! Apolune 2, sequel to Apolune: the Endless Bullethell Shooter, arrives with splash on STEAM. Apolune 2 is a controller-friendly game that is super easy to pick up and play.

Simultaneous Co-op:
2 players on Keyboard Only
1 to 4 players with XBox controllers, and
1-8 players with DirectInput * see notes below
Repair, mine, shoot, collect!
Fight off enemies like aliens and space pirates!
Trade with interstellar merchants
High score name entry
Fun, casual and fun to play with friends!
Lo-fi instant classic!

How to Multiplayer:

If you don’t want to use the keyboard, you will need at least one controller connected.
Two players can play using just the Keyboard, or a combination of 1 or 2 controllers and the keyboard. It is also possible for one person as players 1 and 2 to use the keyboard with a “third” controller plugged in so a second player can play.

If you have XInput Controllers (XBox 360 or later, known as XInput Controllers) only up to 4 of these will be detected. That is the limit of XInput.

If you mix and match with DirectInput controllers (non-XInput controllers known as DirectInput controllers, “Gamepads”, like USB retro controllers like the PS2/3/4 style or NES or SNES style, anything generic non-XBox-looking generally) you can get up to 8 people controlling individual players with controllers, or a mix of keyboard and controllers.

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