Beam Up New Crew with the Latest Update!


Sci-fi strategy, The Captain is Dead, gets an upgrade…

The brutal, sci-fi survival strategy that some people are calling “the illicit love-child of Dark Souls and FTL” is getting its first update…

Bringing two new, game-changing crew members to the mix, the update is already available on Steam, and hits  iOSand Android this Thursday with 30% Off to celebrate! 

It usually takes a

The first new crew member is the Teleporter Chief, who may be grumpy, but is also an expert at beaming stuff around the ship. Use him to make sure your crew are in the right place at the right time, and fully tooled up with the latest, alien-blasting gear.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, the ice-cool Tactical Officer keeps the chaos under control. Calm under fire, her strategic expertise can be be deployed to keep the shields powered up, and your crew ready for action.

But that’s not all; as well as new crew, there are numerous tweaks like an increased team size, and a random crew selector.  Steam players will also be able to switch to the Tactical HUD – a highly detailed UI that puts every bit of mission-critical data front and center, so you can kick alien ass like a seasoned pro.

And these additions are just the start… developers, Thunderbox Entertainment are already hard at work getting even more crew ready to join the fray, so the Captain will keep getting even deader!

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