Find their hidden Easter egg, and Tall Story Games will turn you into a pixel-art NPC!

Tall Story Games’ new demo for their point & click adventure Lucy Dreaming contains a well-hidden Easter egg that unlocks the chance to win big. Its discovery offers adventure gamers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to appear as a pixel-art character in the full release of the game.

Every player who finds the Easter egg is offered the chance to enter a draw where the prize is unlike any other – become an NCP (non-player character) in the full game! Not only will their likeness be rendered seamlessly into the beautiful, retro pixel-art world of Lucy Dreaming, they will also become an integral part of the game’s story and gameplay. In addition to this, the winner will receive a free digital copy of the full game, a high-resolution digital artwork of their character and a mention in the game’s credits to boot.

Tall Story Games’ Tom Hardwidge said “I absolutely LOVE Easter eggs in games myself, from little nods and meta-references to full-blown competitions like this. We launched the demo in early March, but it seemed appropriate to announce this search at Easter. As a kid playing the adventure games back in the 90s, it was always a thrill to discover things in games that were well-hidden, as if they were put there just for you by the game’s creator.”

Lucy Dreaming is a comedic, quirky point & click adventure which sees players taking control of the destiny of Lucy, a young girl suffering from recurring nightmares. In the game Lucy unlocks the secrets to controlling her dreams and journeys through a myriad of weird & wonderful locations in both the real world and her dreams. On the way she encounters a cast of extraordinary characters and creatures as she unearths the disturbing truth behind her nightmares.

The free demo is a 30-60 minute prequel for the full Lucy Dreaming game which will launch later in 2022. Tall Story Games are launching a Kickstarter to fund the development of the full game in May 2021.

Full details can be found on the Lucy Dreaming website:

The demo is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux via Steam and, so what are you waiting for? Go and find that egg!


For more information contact Tom Hardwidge: [email protected] Tel: 07792 550 888

Download the free demo Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Steam Itch.io

Follow the Kickstarter You can follow the game’s Kickstarter campaign from the pre-launch page:

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