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Perfect World Entertainment, a major online game publisher, and Cryptic Studios are pleased to announce that Magic: Legends has entered the open beta phase on Arc Games and the EpicGames Store. For the first time, millions of players from around the world will be able to experience the A-RPG free-to-play in the persistent world based on the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse. They will play as a planeswalker, a powerful mage, in an adventure through five diverse regions while collecting more than 175 spells and 170 pieces of equipment inspired by the original strategic card game. Magic: Legends will be officially released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 later this year.

Players who download Magic: Legends to Arc Games will receive the Free Gavonie Sentinel costume for their character, the "Cogneur" look for the Ogre-mortar creature, two loot bonuses and two mission reward bonuses. Epic Games Store users will have until April 6 at 6 p.m. to get their Ranger costume from the moor, their appearance as a Werewolf Heath Ranger creature and their two free loot bonuses. Check out the trailer for
the open beta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egthqwQoqy4


You'll find the press resources for Magic: Legends here.

Yoon Im, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment,said: "Cryptic Studios has once again demonstrated its ability to bring a famous franchise like Magic: The Gathering to life in a way that looks authentic to fans, while remaining affordable for new players. This is the very first A-RPG in the Magic Multiverse, and Cryptic Studios has created a really special game. We look forward to seeing players discover Magic: Legends during this open beta period and hear their opinions. »

"This is a historic day for our team," says Stephen Ricossa, executive producer at Cryptic Studios. Magic: Legends has come a long way since we submitted the idea to Wizards of the Coast in 2016. Our team has spent the past few years creating a one-of-a-kind A-RPG by combining the dream of embodying a planeswalker with a fast-paced combat system and strategic deck construction. We look forward to seeing the players take their first steps in the Multiverse today. »

Magic: Legends allows fans of Magic: The Gathering from the very first hour to experience the Multiverse like they've never seen it before. After choosing from five classes of planeswalkers, they will explore different regions made famous by the legendary card game, be it the Innistrad map, the tazeem jungles, the benalia nation on Dominaria, or others. As they survey the plans, players will discover artifacts, equipment and spells that will allow them to create a powerful deck. Here's the full list of the game's main features:

  • A new Magic Story - An ancient evil works in the shadows, and players will have to roam the Multiverse in search of the power needed to defeat this threat. Magic: Legends honors famous characters from the cult franchise through multiple narrative arcs, culminating in a final clash against a powerful opponent.
  • Become a planeswalker - In Magic: Legends; players will be able to master the power of mana through five different starting classes - and many more to come - while switching from one to the other at will in the game.
  • Follow your own path - The planeswalkers' quest to save the Multiverse will take them through The Planes and Regions of Magic, but they are the ones who will forge their destiny.
  • Master chaos - Players will need to find the balance between strategy and intuition in intense real-time combat and carefully choose the spells on their deck from their library, as they will be drawn randomly as they cast them. Whether they wield the powers of the white, blue, black, red or green mana, it is their decisions that will determine the outcome of the battle.
  • Collect and enhance spells - Magic: Legends offers a myriad of spectacular spells that can be enhanced with grimoire pages. Players will get their hands on artifacts and equipment that create synergies with their deck to shape their own style of play.
  • Join forces - Magic: Legends shots can be surveyed solo or alongside one or two other planeswalkers. By planning different character configurations, planeswalkers will be able to better play on the strengths of their teammates or put their talents to the test in a PvP duel.

The Magic: Legends Open Beta includes five unique starting classes, and other planeswalker classes will be available in the future:

  • The Geomanciens use the power of the earth to crush their enemies with a deluge of melee attacks, stones and lava. They are able to take blows that would defeat other planeswalkers with their rock shield, and favor the invocation of creatures such as goblins, kavrus and earth elements.
  • Cold and calculating, the Magi of the mind are intelligence personified. They use their psychic and telekinetic powers to fight from a distance, control projectiles and neutralize their opponents by plunging them into a deep sleep or turning them against their allies.
  • The Beast Leaders are the embodiment of the savage and primordial forces, crushing hordes of adversaries with the devastating strikes of their huge spiritual axe and coordinating their attacks with those of their Aether fox... and a pack of other summoned creatures.
  • Whether it's punishing the enemy with projectiles of fiery light or healing the wounds of their companions, the Sanctifiers are unmatched. They summon angels, paladins and other faithful devoted to order to protect themselves while their righteous wrath descends on the opposition.
  • The Necromancers are followers of fearsome rituals, sowing ruin on the battlefield and reviving an army of the undead at their service. By tapping into their unique connection to the otherworld, they can snatch life from their opponents and destroy their forces with terrible curses.

In addition, players will be able to discover four shots directly from the Magic: The Gathering maps with five regions to explore:

  • Shiv - This volcanic island on Dominaria, populated by goblins, ogres and dragons, is also home to the Guitûke tribes.
  • Belia - A religious state of Dominaria whose rolling plains border dark swamps. The Benalians are at war with Coterie and its demons.
  • Tazeem - Elves, ondins and an abundance of wild creatures live on this continent of Zendikar, in the heart of lush jungles dotted with rivers and herdrons.
  • Tolaria - With its famous academy, this tropical island of Dominaria is teeming with sorcerer's apprentices, homarides and artifacts... most often animated.
  • Gavonie - A province of Innistrad where villagers are repeatedly attacked by night creatures such as werewolves and the undead. Players will also be able to master the power of their spark to build and advance their personal fragment of the Meditation Kingdom,a plan with mysterious origin and countless secrets that is constantly changing, as responding to the will of an unknown master.


Magic: Legends is a persistently hack'n'cast-type A-RPG free-to-play online world based on Magic: The Gathering, the famous strategic card game from Wizards of the Coast. An ancient evil works in the shadows and players will have to assume the role of a planeswalker, a powerful mage capable of traveling through the worlds, in order to overcome this threat. As they explore the Multiverse's plans, they will expand their spell collection and build the perfect deck to master the chaos of the battle ahead. Developed by Cryptic Studios and released by Perfect World Entertainment, Magic: Legends will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 in 2021. For more information, visit PlayMagicLegends.com.

© 2021 Wizards of the Coast LLC. All rights reserved. Magic: Legends and its logo are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC

Perfect World Entertainment is a leading publisher in the field of online gaming in the US and European market. The company is famous for developing and publishing titles based on world-famous entertainment franchises such as Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. Its catalogue also includes the famous Torchlightseries, as well as Remnant: From the Ashes, developed in partnership with gunfire Games. The Games of Perfect World Entertainment, founded in 2008, have generated a total of more than $1 billion since their release. Perfect World Entertainment is a subsidiary of the Perfect World Group and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information, visit: www.perfectworld.com.


Cryptic Studios, Inc. is a leading developer of online games offering a unique experience. Cryptic Studios, Inc. is developing AAA shares on PC and is rapidly diversifying to expand its portfolio beyond traditional MMORPG. The studio has successfully released titles such as Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter, Star Trek Online and Champions Online: Free for All. Cryptic Studios, Inc., a subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd., is located in Los Gatos, California.


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