​​​​​​​The dark leader who unites many shakers.


“SUPER DRINK BROS.”, released by Neko Game Teacher and currently in early access, introduces the 11th new fighter, “Dark Shaker (Barten Sky Shaker)”. In this press release, we will introduce the new fighter’s appearance and features.


■The evil overlord who awakened to the power of darkness
 The Dark Shaker (real name: Barten Skyshaker), the eleventh new fighter to be added to the lineup, is a fighter with a fluttering black cloak, wielding a sword covered in energy.

 Awakened by the power of darkness, he hunts down and overwhelms any enemy. He’s an evil overlord who leads many Shakers.

■The Dark Shaker is a subskill. 
 When the Dark Shaker activates his subskill, he releases an energy ball that condenses the power of darkness. The Dark Shaker’s sub-skill activates an energy ball that condenses the power of darkness, and although it’s not very fast, it can homing the opponent and slowly chase them down.

 The ball of darkness explodes when it hits the opponent. Although it doesn’t have a guard break, it will continuously explode when guarded, and can even hold the opponent in place for a short while.

■Main Skill with Powerful Derivative Moves
 The main skill is a technique that uses the power of darkness to quickly dash in a specified direction. While dashing, you are not invincible, but you can move a long distance.

 If you use the main skill again after the main skill, the skill will derive and perform a forward guard break attack. This can be used as a finishing blow to a cornered enemy.

 When derived from a sub-skill, the power of darkness travels through the ground and attacks the opponent from the feet up. This powerful blow will never let your opponent escape, no matter how far away you are.

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■About Neko Game Teacher
 In addition to creating games, NekoGameTeacher also posts videos of live action and game creation on youtube.

 In addition to creating games, NekoGameTeacher posts videos of live gameplay and game production on youtube.

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