We are proud to announce that Unreal Life, a side-scrolling puzzle adventure game developed by Hako Life and published by room6, has won the New Face Award in the Entertainment Division of the 24th Japanese Media Arts Awards.

To celebrate this, we are offering Unreal Life at a 30% discount on Nintendo Switch and Steam until March 18th.

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Among the reasons for the award, the judges have stated the high level of polish achieved by a single developer working on this title for several years, the intricate design, and the resulting emotional impact of the story. They have also mentioned that the combination of suspenseful emotional moments with glitch-like audiovisual effects makes the players aware of the highly detailed backgrounds and music.

This is how developer Hako Life has commented on receiving the award:
“I am incredibly happy to see that Unreal Life, a project which I have worked on for four years, is receiving this much love. It is an honor. I would like to thank all the people who supported me, all those who helped Unreal Life become a reality, and all those who played it.”

Unreal Life was developed by Hako Life, almost single-handedly, over the course of four years. It is a puzzle adventure featuring a girl who has lost her memories but can read the memories of the objects she touches. The game, which follows this girl as she solves puzzle after puzzle to recover her lost memories, was released on Steam on November 20th, 2020, receiving widespread appraisal both in Japan and overseas.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to play Unreal Life for yourself and get lost in its magical world.

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Unreal Life
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch / Steam (Windows/Mac)
Regions: Japan and North America (Nintendo Switch), Global (Steam)
Developer: hako life
Publisher: room6
Label: Yokaze


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