Fans Can Access The Landing Page for Goodies Ahead of Launch in Q3 2021

Today, Devsisters, creator of the popular Cookie Run RPG series, reveals more on its free-to-play, mobile city-builder game, Brixity, (codenamed Project Mars), launching later this year. A dedicated studio within the company, called Devsisters MARS, is producing the game with a focus on creating a unique 3D graphic community for mobile. 

“Brixity is a platform for building customized structures to your heart’s content -– but the trick is how it engages player collaboration with a game that’s easily accessible to all players. We want to see where players will take it,” stated Jeein Kim, Director of Product. Kim adds, “what makes Brixity different is the casual, low-entry-bar to building anything out of your head and the social engagement.” 

The backstory revealed: Brixity is a city-builder game on a mission to save planet Earth. Five hundred years ago, war, pollution, and natural disasters ravaged Earth. As the planet tinkered on the brink of destruction, all survivors fled to nearby Mars. It was a harsh, cold, sterile land, and naturally, everyone wanted to go home. The Brixity story begins with the return to Earth and plans for a massive toxic cleanup and rebuilding of cities. This mission will demand every bit of creativity, ambition, and collaboration, with the reward of a new world order built by all.  

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Elements of the game: Players join virtual communities where they design their own customized virtual cities out of bricks (known as Brix, in the game). The world map helps players discover friends’ cities and explore multiple dimensions of each other’s worlds using the unique dynamic camera feature. Zoom out for a global view to see city “nodes” that flag where your friends are building all over the world. Zoom in for birds-eye-view and street-level perspectives.  Just like the real world, building requires skilled workers and in the game, these folks are called “Pipo” each bringing coveted skillsets. They’re happily shared amongst friends in the quid pro quo community. 

The goods: The new Brixity landing page is the gateway for fans to receive the new bi-monthly newsletter and launch notification.

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About Devsisters 

Devsisters is the creator of classic running games, including OvenBreak (2009), Cookie Run: OvenBreak (2016), and Cookie Run: Kingdom (2021); which have reached over 100 million total downloads. The flagship game, Cookie Run, has historically ranked #1 in free Free Games in the Apple Appstore of 13 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, and continues to grow in popularity. 

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Devsisters has offices in Japan, Taiwan, and San Mateo, California. For more information, visit

US Media Contact: [email protected]


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