upjers browser game celebrates the threshold with a login gift and breeding event

 Renowned developer and publisher of online games and apps upjers (https://en.upjers.com/) has broken a new record with its zoo browser game: 15 million players worldwide have created a virtual zoo in My Free Zoo.

587,056 pandas have been bred, 24,667 organizations have been founded, and 1,151,023,555 animals have been released into the wild – these numbers should give you an idea in which dimension upjers’ browser game My Free Zoo (https://en.upjers.com/my-free-zoo) operates. It’s hardly surprising the game has hit the 15 million player mark.

All players are invited to share in the celebration. Everyone who logs in will receive a decoration featuring this monumental number. Additionally, we’ll be launching a one-week breeding bonanza. Zoo directors can look forward to halved fertility feed costs and double offspring for successful breedings. The event ends next Wednesday at 10:59 am CET. The free login decoration will be available up until this time as well.

My Free Zoo launched nine years ago and quickly won the hearts of browser gamers everywhere. New features and regular updates that pose ever-evolving challenges and entertainment for players are a recipe for success. A short compilation of the most important features and additions of the past few years:

2013 – Organizations (“orgs” for short) are added to the game as a guild feature
2014 – Amazon Houses debut
2015 – The Natural History Museum allows extinct animals to be brought back to life
2016 – 200 Animal mark is cracked
2017 – The Serengeti region opens to the public
2018 – The T-Rex and the Children’s Farm make their premier
2019 – My Free Zoo welcomes the Polar Park
2020 – High Seas for marine animals and Flower Meadow for insects appear
2021 – Unique animals such as albino crocodiles and blue flamingos can be bred

In 2020, My Free Zoo was successfully transitioned from a Flash game to a Web GL version. To make the game more widely accessible after the shutdown of the Flash Player, upjers also developed the Home Edition as a downloaded alternative to the browser version. The game is poised to continue its successful trajectory.


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