From a total of 32 streamers, the best drinker will be decided!”Twitch Streamer Battle: SUPER DRINK BROS.”

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Fight drink warriors!”Twitch Streamer Battle: SUPER DRINK BROS.”

A total of 32 streamers will hit each other with drinks! “Twitch Streamer Battle: SUPER DRINK BROS.” will be held! A commemorative skin based on the winner’s concept will be created, and a user-participatory event will be held to predict the winner.

■”Twitch Streamer Battle: SUPER DRINK BROS.”

 Twitch Streamer Battle”, an event for streamers to compete against each other, will be held on Sunday, March 7, using “SUPER DRINK BROS.”, which is currently under development by Neko Game Teacher, as its event.

 A total of 32 streamers will be competing individually! The event will be streamed live on Twitch, and will be MC’d by Yamato_owo (@YamatoColors), who is at the forefront of the eSports scene, as well as Neko Game Teacher (@nekogameteacher) himself. In-game events were held to commemorate the tournament, and the stage and main menu were transformed to match the tournament’s specifications.

It usually takes a

We will create a concept skin for the winner and hold a user-participatory event to predict the winner!

 To commemorate the “Twitch Streamer Battle”, we decided to create and present a commemorative skin based on the concept of the winning streamer. The fighters that will be used as commemorative skins will be chosen from among the fighters used by the winners. After the skins are completed, they will be given to everyone.

 There will also be an in-game event where users can predict the winner.Users will be able to vote for up to three of the 32 candidates to win, and if one of them wins, the user who guessed correctly will receive a special version of the winner’s concept skin.

■ Voting for the winner will start on Saturday, March 6.

Everyone who logs in during the competition period will receive a Drink Special Squadron skin!

  As a commemorative campaign for the tournament, all users who log in will receive a Drink Special Squadron skin!

The drinks, which are usually rivals, will be brought together and delivered to you.

The main menu and stages have been transformed to Twitch Streamer Battle specifications!

 The main menu and stage will be specially designed until the end of the tournament on3/7.

■Event Summary

Event Name「Twitch Streamer Battle: SUPER DRINK BROS.」
Date and timeDistribution from 8:00 p.m. on 3/7 (Sunday)
streaming channel
and each participant’s channel
player32 people in total
prizeTotal amount of 6000$

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