Space Farming Colonies, Lucid Dreams, Demonic Dungeons, and More

One Lonely Outpost, the sci-fi pixel farming sim set on a faraway planet that raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter, will debut on Steam Early Access in early 2022 published by Freedom Games.Establish an agricultural colony on an alien planet in this otherworldly sci-fi farming sim. Balance producing food from robo-cows and glowing cabbage crops while making friends, exploring this strange new world, and fending off the robots who guard the remnants of an extinct extraterrestrial race.Share this bountiful crop of fresh screenshots and GIFs with your community as the development team at Aurorian Studios prepares to harvest One Lonely Outpost for PC in the not too distant future. Dreamscaper, the surreal roguelite action RPG from Afterburner Studios, rises and shines in its latest Early Access update ahead of the full 1.0 PC and Nintendo Switch release later this year.Dive into the subconscious mind of a woman wrestling with her inner demons. Strike back against her nightmares with imaginative new progression systems that span mediation, daydreaming, quest logs, and more.Dreamscaper also now sports a fresh user interface and new game flow options so dreamers can jump from one run to the next without returning to the waking world. Ruin Raiders, the turn-based tactical roguelike from developer OverPowered Team, launches for PC later this year. Recruit a squad of dangerously adorable critters and go dungeon crawling in the demon-infested ruins of an ancient civilization. Master strategic combat, craft new technology, and delve deeper into the abyss. Make discoveries and report back to base so the next expedition can get to the bottom of the mysteries lurking below.Request a Ruin Raiderspreview code here.Slaughter League, the deadly game show racing platformer from developer Microwave Games, will hold a free Steam demo weekend April 2 – 3.Survive an onslaught of murderous obstacles in the world’s most dangerous competition when Freedom Games unleashes this fast-paced multiplayer extravaganza on PC in late 2020.  


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