The Sky Is No Longer The Limit – Beta Multiplayer Has Landed!

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Danger Darrel: Flying isn’t dangerous when it’s this much fun!

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Wednesday 3 March, Munich - Hoonaya Games are flying high with excitement to announce the new beta multiplayer update for the 3D arcade action adventure - Danger Darrel. The time has come to don your iconic leather aviator jacket and downdraft into domination of the global leaderboards.

Take wing with this classic flying game available for free on iOS and Android where players can now challenge pilots from all over the world. Soar as Danger Darrel, the fearless retired pilot through the ever-changing canyon valley to conquer dangerous obstacles and opponents. Each machine must be tested to its limit. Who will fly the furthest, or burn out trying? Tap, pitch and roll to rack-up items that will power your adventure to become the prizewinning pilot. But now you’re not the only bird in the sky!

Beta Multiplayer has arrived!

Fancy bullet battles in the air? The new update lands global matchmaking for up to four players to compete in one match. Successfully shoot your opponent to slow their flight speed and win the race. 

Game Features:

  • A constantly changing environment with various dynamic and unexpected challenges
  • Multiple leaderboards to compete with friends and other global players
  • Level-up and unlock a range of aircraft with unique flying mechanics including maneuverability, turning speeds and weapons 
  • Collect multiple skins and gadgets to personalise your game!

Fly longer to unlock a world of weapon upgrades, higher ranks and a selection of different planes. All planes possess unique properties including health levels, speeds and boost!  All can be customised with skins for speed with style. Birdmen and women alike can choose from a range of upgradable weapons to inflict distinct and swifter damage. 

In Danger Darrel, courage is fire, and bullying brings smoke, as players spy the tell tale signs of opponent damage. Planes puff out smoke when suffering around 50% health and those with even less, watch out - flames signal the end of your flight!  

Players will need airspeed, altitude and brains to navigate the narrow mountainous passageway. Game progression is a treacherous test, offering players more challenge every mile. Leave the ordinary surface of the world to fly through sun soaked ravines but be sure to gather up fuel canisters or crash out with a freefall to the gully floor (single player only).

Danger Darrel is the first title from solo developer, Philip Zeitler. As the game continues to ‘take-off’, much more is planned:

“Multiplayer is just the start, there is so  much more I want to do! This means more maps, more planes, more skins along with other new modes and features such as friends matchmaking. I am really excited for multiplayer which was a real challenge and now it’s about how far I can take this game!”

Take flight, and turn skyward with Danger Darrel and the new addictive beta multiplayer mode NOW

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