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Niantic Showcases Proof-of-Concept Pokémon GO Demo at Microsoft Ignite 2021

At Niantic, we see the transformative potential of augmented reality to make lives better for people, especially our Niantic Explorers around the world. AR can enrich daily routines like taking a walk in your neighbourhood or visiting your favourite local spot. There are tremendous  benefits to getting outside and connecting with one another, and this is how we envision the true  benefits of AR technology: in service of people and communities. 

We’ve enabled many moments and memories through our signature Niantic experiences and  we’re working to enable even more planet-scale experiences for next-generation AR hardware.  But this is only the beginning. When we talk about AR, we are talking about the beginnings of a  fundamental shift in computing where the world itself (the atoms) comes alive with information  and experience (the bits). While this shift will occur over time, important software and hardware advances are laying the foundation today. 

For our part, we’re committed to leveraging and expanding our platform to build real-world AR  experiences for as many devices as possible and reaching a diverse set of players no matter  their physical location. This includes building with others that share a common vision for how  technology can facilitate deeper social connection and spark a sense of adventure in the real world.  

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At this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, we announced we are  collaborating with Microsoft on new kinds of experiences that advance innovation at the seam of  the digital and physical world, and connect people together in brand new ways. We offered a  glimpse of the potential for new AR experiences by showcasing a proof-of-concept Pokémon  GO demo. While this demo is not intended for consumer use, it offers an early glimpse into the future evolutions in both software and hardware. 

We’ve only scratched the surface. We know the years ahead to be filled with important  achievements which will serve as waypoints in AR’s journey to become a life-changing  computing platform. We’re thrilled to be leading the way.

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