An asynchronous multiplayer experience that's only possible on Google Stadia. Launching on March 1st, 2021.

Kyoto-based video game developer, Q-Games is excited to share more details about PixelJunk Raiders, the newest entry into the legendary PixelJunk series. PixelJunk Raiders is coming to Stadia on March 1st, 2021! 

Battle your way through treacherous environments as you save Planet Tantal from the menace of a mysterious solar system-sized Quantum Anomaly harvesting the life energy in this 1970s Pulp Sci-Fi inspired action-adventure rogue-like! PixelJunk Raiders will be available for purchase on the Stadia store ($19.99/€19.99) or free for Stadia Pro subscribers to claim and play instantly.

See PixelJunk Raiders in action within its reveal trailer:

PixelJunk Raiders is a brand new adventure from the creators of the esteemed PixelJunk series, known for classic titles such as PixelJunk Monsters, PixelJunk Shooter, and PixelJunk Eden. Q-Games is excited to partner with Google to bring this exciting new experience to Stadia. PixelJunk Raiders is exclusively developed to take full advantage of Stadia’s revolutionary features such as State Share and device-agnostic streaming capabilities.

With Stadia’s State Share feature, you’re never alone in your fight to save Planet Tantal. Prepare and deploy Imprints to defend against and hinder your enemies, but they aren’t just there for you to use! Share your Game State with your friends and let them experience the same challenge from the beginning, but with the extra help of the Imprints you placed. They can, in turn, place more Imprints and share those with other players too, in an ever-continuing chain of cooperation. This is truly a one of a kind asynchronous multiplayer experience that has to be seen to believe!

In PixelJunk Raiders, players take on the role of an ambitious young mercenary sent down to the surface of Planet Tantal to rescue the indigenous Tantallian race from a mysterious Anomaly and the invading alien forces emerging from it. The arrival of the Anomaly has interfered with conventional travel, our brave but inexperienced mercenary must make use of the SYRIX 1200 avatar system to rescue the inhabitants and investigate the reasons for the Anomaly’s sudden appearance. With limited aid and armaments, the mercenary must scavenge what weapons and resources they can in order to survive. 

Procedurally generated landscapes filled with unique settlements, towns, underground cantinas, canyons, and monolithic temples mean that each new play session is unique. Explore a new part of Tantal every time you play! 

The SYRIX 1200 comes complete with a Coordinate Entry system. Simple keywords or mnemonics, gained through your adventures can be used in easy to remember combinations and allow you and your friends to transmit your Avatars to countless locations on the surface of Tantal.

PixelJunk Raiders Gameplay Features:

  • Breathtaking alien structures reach high into the sky in fantastical architecture and subterranean settlements wind deep into the earth! The world evolves and changes as you play and explore!
  • Unique Asynchronous multiplayer gameplay using State Share.
  • A whole host of menacing invaders to battle, keeping players on their toes.
  • Hostile invaders aren’t the only foe on Tantal, brave the harsh environment and the alien wildlife that inhabits it!
  • Hard work pays off, use your rewards to unlock new weapons and skins, discover new gadgets, and fully customize your character! 
  • Upgrade and enhance the SYRIX 1200 avatar system with alien DNA, pushing past legal boundaries with black market mods!
  • Leave your mark on Tantal by sharing game states with State Share including your placed turrets, traps and gadgets to impact other players’ worlds.
  • Utilize the Coordinate Entry system to jump into hundreds of thousands of unique locations.   
  • Immerse yourself in a richly detailed world inspired by Jean Giraud’s Moebius and 1970s British sci-fi comics.

PixelJunk Raiders Basic Information:

Title:PixelJunk Raiders


Release Date:March 1st, 2021

Genre:Action, Adventure, Rogue-lite 

Number of Players:1 Player



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