Code Atma launches in 5 new regions Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand.

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  Agate, in collaboration with Telkom Indonesia, Melon Indonesia & Oolean, is proud to announce the regional launch of their breakout success: Code Atma. Servers are lives for Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia & Thailand on February 18th, 2021 at 12.00 PM UTC +7.    

Code Atma is a modern RPG set in a supernatural techno-thriller world where humanity, technology, and ancient beliefs intersect in a secret war. Players will journey into this familiar but strange world and be immersed in a unique world that blends millennial pop-culture and the ancient myths of South-East Asia and beyond.  

Looking to build a rich world that bridges reality with the limitless potential of the supernatural, the Code Atma team has utilized the mobile idle RPG format to convey a dark and mysterious world for players to explore. The world beyond the veil revolves around the existence of the Atma: the manifested souls of forgotten myths, legends, and heroes whose powers can be harnessed and used for good, evil, and everything else in between.  

It usually takes a

Assuming the role of Seeker, players will be one of the many who have entered the dark and secretive world where technology has empowered humanity to harness the powers of the Atma. They will battle sinister forces and investigate riveting mysteries and immerse themselves in the rich narrative context of the world.  

Key Features:  

  • Gather hundreds of unique Atma, drawn from the farthest reaches of South-East Asian lore and beyond  
  • Level up the Atma, equip mystical weapons and trinkets, also grow their powers for battle.  
  • Lore and strategy combine as each Atma comes with its own unique origins and utilization in combat.  
  • Master the unparalleled tactical freedom and creativity that each Atma brings into battle  
  • Join the ranks of the secretive Asterisk Initiative and explore the dark truths that hide in plain sight  
  • Follow a supernatural investigative drama in stunning visual novel format.  
  • Dive deep into the unique lore, origins, and stories of the Atma  
  • Unique character and lore-driven events will uncover more and more of the expansive Atma universe over time.  
  • Beautifully drawn art that blends contemporary design and with the rich cultural heritage of South-East Asian lore.  

Agate wants to celebrate the growing community of Code Atma and give their love and appreciation toward their loyal user from all over the regions with the redeemable code that players can claim from this link below. 
Code Atma Redeem Code 
Play Code Atma now:  

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