Illegal Transporter Simulator will allow you to experience the real road experiments

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 Publisher T-Bull announced today that one of their new upcoming games will be soon released. You can add it to your Steam wishlist today! - 

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Forget about strenuous and adrenaline-deprived driving according to the law. Join the most influential gangs in the city and take on the challenge of speed. 

You are the one in charge of transportation in illegal orders. It doesn't matter if it's simple drug delivery, taking a corpse to the woods, or escaping in a van full of cash from the central bank. It depends only on you if the mission will be successful and how much money you will get. Be the fastest but also the smartest and outsmart the law enforcement in Sunset Bay.

The right car for the right job. The choice of car and its subsequent metamorphosis is up to you. Learn as much as you can about the job, customize the route, and then set about customizing your car. Not only will you be able to crank up the revs, change the color or add a spoiler, but you'll also be able to mount various extras like weapons or a parachute. Remember that driving is a skill, but preparing your car for action requires you to take things seriously.

The open-world gameplay will allow you to explore the map in advance to gain information about the area and escape routes. You'll be able to verify locations that are being set up by cops or rival gangs. Watch out for both of these factions. One will put you behind bars and end your career, while the other will try to seize your goods, and maybe even the whole business. Trust no one, don't stop, keep moving forward.

Game Features:

  • Open world
  • Advanced car customization
  • Amazing road experience
  • Wide range of cars
  • Gangsta vibe
  • Compatible with steering wheels and gamepads
  • Advanced physics engine for extreme realism

Get the general idea of how it is going to look like by watching the game’s trailer: 

About T-Bull

T-Bull is one of the largest companies producing mobile games in Poland. Their apps have accumulated more than 540 million downloads on Google Play, App Store, BlackBerry World, and Windows Store. The gaming landscape is changing, and they are at the forefront of free-to-play, defining the new rules for success. T-Bull adjusts its strategy to market conditions and consistently implements it by focusing on the production of mobile games with high production values. The greatest success is Top Speed and Moto Rider GO, which have already accumulated over 150 million downloads. These games became a part of the mobile game canon thanks to high-quality graphics and exciting gameplay. The company's recent activities focus mainly on expansion into the PC and Console games market. T-Bull has declared that the company will launch two main games and five side ones - among them Outlaw Driver Simulator and Birding Simulator have been already announced. These titles also can be found on Steam and added to Wishlist.

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