A New National Park Themed Course Now Opens at Extreme Golf


HAEGIN tees off with the release of the WILD MOUNTAIN course and the GRIZZLY ball for the simultaneous 4-8 player golf brawl.

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HAEGIN is today launching a new golf course for Extreme Golf, the mobile multiplayer golf brawl game for groups of 4-8 players.

The new golf course “WILD MOUNTAIN” has a beautiful scenery inspired by the national parks in North America. Players can bask in the beauty of nature with erupting geysers while playing.

Furthermore, the new ball “Grizzly” has been added to the game. “Grizzly”, which is the king of beasts, has powerful stats in any course.

Along with the new course and the ball, the new system “Club Fitting” that allows players to add extra stats to their clubs is also announced. Players can upgrade their club stats to its limit, including power, accuracy, impact, spin, and wind resistance; they can also use Screws to upgrade the clubs in possession.

Lastly, this v1.7.0 update also includes UI improvement, adjusting club balancing, and upgrading Star rewards for tournament.

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ABOUT EXTREME GOLF EXTREME GOLF is the third title released from mobile games developer HAEGIN. Golfers and casual gamers alike will find the title both familiar and refreshing. The game features a spectacularly accurate physics engine played on beautiful courses. What sets it apart is the concurrent multiplayer gameplay where 4-8 players must hole out first in a deadly golf brawl. Golfers who are looking for a more fast-paced and exciting golf game will find the game more entertaining than standard 1-vs-1 format golf games. EXTREME GOLF, which launched on the App Store and Google Play worldwide on April 27th 2020, was selected as a global featured lineup of both app market in August of the same year.

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ABOUT HAEGIN HAEGIN is a developer of mobile games based in Seoul, South Korea. Led by 20-year industry veteran Youngil Lee, a founding member of Com2uS Corp. well-known for the global hit RPG Summoners War, HAEGIN has received substantial investments from the Storm Ventures Fund, Tencent, and other key investors in the game industry. Since founding in 2017, HAEGIN has grown to include over 100 people who work passionately to create uniquely entertaining games that players from all over the world can enjoy. Its first title, Homerun Clash is a fresh take on the arcade-style home run derby genre with more than 5 million downloads and is currently the 13th and 17th highest grossing sports game on Google Play and the App Store respectively. HAEGIN debuted their third title Extreme Golf on April 2020 that features multiplayer golf brawl modes. The company is planning to utilize its expertise in developing global hits to expand its lineup in the future, including a hyper-casual social networking game “Play Together” and a card battle game.

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