Lust for Darkness, an esoteric Lovecraftian horror with erotic themes, will be free to play on February 27-28. Movie Games created this event in preparation for the release of the awaited sequel, Lust from Beyond, on March 11th.

Lust for Darkness is a first-person adventure game telling the story of Jonathan Moon, who, while seeking his missing wife, finds himself in a secluded mansion, where an eldritch ceremony takes place. He will discover the gate to the perverse and nightmarish land of Lusst’ghaa.

The game, heavily inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, H.R. Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinski, will be available for free on 27th and 28th February. You can access it here, on the Lust for Darkness Steam page.

Lust from Beyond coming on March 11th
This event will precede the release of the awaited sequel, Lust from Beyond, scheduled for March 11th. The player is Victor Holloway, an American antiquarian pursuing the mystery of otherworldly visions, which seem related to Victor’s sex addiction. Lust from Beyond evolves the series with survival horror mechanics, light RPG-like character progression, and story branching.

This bold, mature production with erotic and occult themes was already introduced to gamers via two free standalone chaptersPrologue and Scarlet, both enthusiastically received on Steam. 

Supporting the indie developers
The team at Movie Games Lunarium would like to ask the gaming community to leave a Steam review after playing their games, especially on the release day.

This is an easy way to support indie creators, as incoming reviews increase the visibility of small games.

For a Lust from Beyond review copy, or an interview with the creators, please contact [email protected] 

Lust from Beyond

About Movie Games Lunarium
Movie Games Lunarium is a group of friends from the south of Poland. The studio specializes in adult-themed horror games. They created a unique setting of Lusst’ghaa, a parallel dimension of neverending ecstasy. Their previous title set in this universe - Lust from Darkness - was enthusiastically embraced by the media and fans

About Movie Games
Movie Games is a Polish game developer and publisher, listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange’s alternative investment market - NewConnect. The company has been funded by game enthusiasts with experience in the financial, gaming, and media sectors. Movie Games’ portfolio includes horror games (“The Beast Inside”, “Lust for Darkness”, “Lust from Beyond”) and simulators, which show all the different aspects of various occupations ("Drug Dealer Simulator", “Plane Mechanic Simulator”, “MythBusters” and “Alaskan Truck Simulator” produced in association with Discovery, Inc.). The company operates in Warsaw and a few offices across Poland.


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