“Boss Brandy” is the 10th new fighter addition to “SUPER DRINK BROS.” released by Neko Game Teacher and currently in early access. In the press, we will introduce the new fighter’s appearance and features.

■An emperor who uses materialized “Chasers” to fight!  

 Boss Brandy, the tenth new fighter to be added to the game, is an intimidating fighter who uses two types of powerful “Chasers” to fight. 

 Unlike other fighters, his greatest feature is the nature of his sub and main skills, which change depending on how many skill points he has left.  

■You can use special actions to increase your skill points!  

 If you use a skill while on guard, you can increase your skill points by one. It will leave you defenseless for a little while, but as “Boss Brandy” has powerful skills, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of it.  


 The ability to increase skill points with special actions is quite powerful, but be aware that in return, skill points cannot be accumulated with normal attacks except for the third shot. 

■A variety of skills that change with the amount of skill points remaining . 

 In “Boss Brandy”, both the main and sub skills change depending on how many skill points are left. 

 The sub-skill allows you to attack your opponent with a spiritual body called a “Chaser”, but the number of moves and range of the attack changes depending on how many skill points you have left.  


 In the main skill, if you have 1 or 2 skill points, you can perform an evasive maneuver to move a short distance while remaining invincible. It is best to use it when you expect your opponent to counterattack.


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■About Neko Game Teacher  

  In addition to creating games, NekoGameTeacher posts videos of live action and game creation on youtube.  
 In addition to creating games, Neko Game Teacher posts videos of live gameplay and game production on youtube, and uses the feedback from users such as the comments in the videos on youtube to develop games and deliver updates on the production status.  

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