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Low-poly Ecosystem Survival Simulator

 Independent video game developer Snow Angel Studios informs that their Kickstarter campaign to fund Ecoser for PC has been live since February 12.

Ecoser is an ecosystem driven survival based game in which your long term goal is to learn how to build up your own living culture while not causing too much damage to the ecosystem.

“Your goal in Ecoser is not to dominate the world but merely to coexist with the environment and sustain yourself without destroying that around you”, says Adam Stankiewicz, solo dev at Snow Angel Studios.

With 53 days to end and 1% of their objective already pledged, the Kickstarter campaign will help Snow Angel Studios get more funds to finish Ecoser and cover the costs related to the production and development without compromising the quality of the game.Features

  • Ecosystem driven survival based game.
  • Low polygon graphics.
  • Learn how to build up your own living culture.
  • Coexist with the environment and sustain yourself without destroying it.

Additional Information

About Snow Angel Studios
We are an aspiring group of programmers, artists, writers, and visionaries, our mission is to produce an experience and a game that you will love and remember. We were founded by Adam who brought us together so that we could produce this game.

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