Roblox Infection Simulator Re-built the main area


Infection Simulator By Zerex Studioz TOblox Platform Re-built the main area. Travel around the world, slay infected citizens and sell the cure to the local shops, get more money and buy better gear for more money and experience and compete in the global leaderboard against other slayers! PlayInfection Simulator [BETA] Infection Simulator ⚔️ – Roblox

🏳️UPDATE LOG [0.1] 🏳️
🏘️- Re-built the main area
💰- Added shop and sell
⚔️- Added NPC’s to the map
🌾- Added a new area [Farmer’s land]
🛡️- Added NPC’s to farmer’s land
🎮-Controller/console support added
🚜-New area 3 added

🗡️- Sword shop
💸- Add shop in second area
🐶- Pets [Possibility]
🤫- New area
🔥- Quest system
🔧- Fix minor bugs and game breaking exploits

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