Bohemian Kingdom codycheck … Core Gamesa Platform 13th Gat You will find yourself in a world of skeletons, dragons and other scary monsters that will haunt you to sleep. And you will have to fight and you will receive a reward in crowns for killing these monsters and at the same time you will have to eat, drink and sometimes lie down from time to time.

Every next day there will be new gates to explore.

Play Bohemian Kingdom Bohemian Kingdom - 13th Gate by codycheck - Core Games

added silver crossbow and correct all crossbow added first hammer ------------------------------ V1.0.41 - Feb 17, 2021 added 13th gate - only for the brave - maybe for two players added ice staff added fire, poison, dragon and blood sword added very long stairs in dragon abyss --------------------------------- V1.0.36 - Feb 16, 2021 added 12th gate - goodluck correct shields and mace and staff ------------------------- V1.0.33 - Feb 15, 2021 added more shield added green, silver and lumi chest -------------------------- V1.0.31 - Feb 15, 2021 added 11th gate added basicol staff and correct old staff added new helmets and new boots --------------------------- V1.0.27 - Feb 13, 2021 added 2 sword correct shields - defense added 10th gate with dragons added basic tutorials ---------------------------- V1.0.25 - Feb 14, 2021 added 9th gate with dragons added 8th correct crossbows - boost control now CTRL ------------------------------ V1.0.20 - Feb 11, 2021 added 5x Mace ---------------------------- V1.0.16 - Feb 11, 2021 added 7th gate correct mesh


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