Steps is a small Minit-like game where instead of dying from time, you die after a certain amount of steps. Explore the cursed island, solve puzzles, and find the hidden coins. Try to run away from the island by finding the Icarus wings as it is the only way to escape the cursed island.


- Cursor Keys (5678): to move around
- Zero: to start the game and activate boots

- All controls can be redefined on the main menu by pressing UP.  A ZXpand joystick can also be used.


- Try to find different patterns to find secrets (notice different patterns, different wall tiling)
- Try to find the torch before entering dark dungeons
- Some walls are just fake walls where you can walk through them.
- Be careful when using boots in the dark dungeons

Notes:  When I first saw an image of 'Steps' on Twitter I thought it was a ZX81 game - and now it is!  It was a quick and fun project to do - with both systems having a similar resolution making for a largely straightforward conversion.

Many thanks to Ahmed for allowing this conversion to be made, and providing much help and information about the original.  We both think it's a pretty faithful conversion, and the game-play is identical, solve one and you can solve the other!


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