The resurgence of a well-loved game made better with $200 of goodies given to everyone!, a leading North American & EU free-to-play PC games publisher, today released an unprecedented closed beta test event for M.A.R.S., an action packed sci-fi free-to-play TPS. 

Designed as a more tasteful alternative to cookie cutter free-to-play TPS games, and as the successor to the hit title ZMR (Zombies, Mutants, Robots!), M.A.R.S. offers an epic storyline that allows players to battle across space and time in style via loads of weapons and novel game modes. 
“We are blessed to have received so much feedback from the community of closed beta testers thus far.” Says Suba Games team. “After everything the community has given to us, it felt only right to give something back. So after a series of internal discussions, it was decided to give all players, starting today, $200 worth of our premium currencies to have as much fun as they’d wish!”

M.A.R.S. is currently in Closed Beta as SubaGames works closely with the development team to monitor game balance, bugs, and overall feedback; though as an effort to ensure that despite it’s Closed Beta status, players of all kinds can enjoy M.A.R.S. during its testing phase, Beta Keys are available for a wide variety of partners, accessible from M.A.R.S.’s launch page. And as mentioned above, SubaGames offers all new and existing players $200 USD worth of in-game currency as a thank you for participating in their Closed Beta!

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Face off against zombies, reincarnations of ancient royal families, dinosaurs, futuristic robots, giant mechs, and much more as you journey across space and time! 

About M.A.R.S.
MARS is a Third Person Shooter brimming with creativity and unique features long forgotten in this day of modern AAA games. From the hilarious Headhunter mode, to Huge Mecha vs Mecha battles, to fully customizable loadouts; MARS is a gem to behold amongst the TPS genre. 
About Wicked Interactive Ltd.
Founded in 2008, and based out of Toronto, Canada, Wicked Interactive Ltd. is an online game publisher that specializes in bringing the best massively multiplayer online (MMO) games to North America without any subscription fees. The company provides top-notch, free-to-play MMOs to its ever-growing community – along with the best customer support in the business. To learn more about Wicked Interactive, please visit


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