• Upgrade your equipment with “the Awakening system”
  • Gaming Balance adjusted for more thrilling battle
  • New special Skins for female characters revealed

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Next battle stage begins with more competitive features for OVERDOX, the futuristic mobile all-melee action game. After v2.0.0 update, the competition will intensify with the new upgrading system, balance adjustment, and new types of Special Skin.

OVERDOX has introduced a new content “the Awakening System”. Players can upgrade their equipment rated Normal to Epic by using TP of the subject equipment and awakening modules. Upon awakening, the equipment will receive awoken abilities, stat/weapon skill upgrades, and unique visual effects. The awoken ability can be changed with ability modification modules.

4 new types of Special Skins have been also introduced. The 4 new skins including Discepolo, Black Dog, Infantry, and Ten Kings of Hell are all made for female characters only; furthermore, each skin has unique skin abilities to support the players’ combat.

Along with the new contents, there has been a massive adjustment for the gaming balance. Players will experience the whole new version of OVERDOX with the changed rules of sharing locations in “Downtown”, buff devices, status effects, skin/drone effects, and more.


OVERDOX is futuristic close-quarter action game where 12 players must battle and survive until they are the last standing. The game provides fast-paced and exciting experiences that is familiar to fans of the MOBA and Battle Royale genres but with a unique all-melee combat system. Players can collect and build their characters by combining matching weapons and armor for further strategy when they are not battling in the arena. Since worldwide release in November 2019, mobile game developer HAEGIN’s sophomore title has gained a global following with its unique all-melee take. The game is currently available in 10 languages and boasts 4 global servers and will continue to expand onto the global market.

Download “OVERDOX” on Google Play or the App Store.


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