The space heroes are here!

SUPER DRINK BROS.”, released by Neko Game Teacher and currently in early access, has added a ninth new fighter, “Space Beer”. In the press, we’ll introduce the new fighter’s appearance and features.

■Charge and fire!

  The ninth new fighter to be added to the game is Space Beer, who has come from outer space with a giant battleship. This time, he seems to have come all the way back from space to reign as the pinnacle of drinks in both name and reality.


 One of his arms has been transformed into a beer gun using ultra-high technology, and the blow from it is unimaginably powerful.

■Three levels of sub-skills that change as you recharge
The sub-skills in Space Beer can be recharged by holding down the button, and the attacks fired will increase in strength in three stages depending on the recharge time. When the subskill is at maximum charge, it is so powerful that it can even penetrate the opponent’s guard.


 It can also be canceled by guarding during a sub-skill, and you can keep the amount you charged during that time. It’s a good idea to save up a little at a time in a safe place and build up to the maximum.


■The main skill is to call for backup from space!
 The main skill is to request support from the space battleship, and it will perform a lightning attack on the targeted opponent. The lightning attack lasts until it hits the opponent (up to five times).


 If used while under attack, the lightning bolt will strike you and damage any nearby opponents. Super Armor will be added at this time.

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■About Neko Game Teacher 
 In addition to creating games, NekoGameTeacher posts videos of live action and game creation on youtube. 
 In addition to creating games, Neko Game Teacher posts videos of live gameplay and game production on youtube, and uses the feedback from users such as the comments in the videos on youtube to develop games and deliver updates on the production status. 


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