Pets Spring About This Lunar New Year!

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Liven up your mansion with joy and prosperity this Lunar New Year in Hellopet House, the pet adoption and home restoration game by the award-winning NANALI Studios and Appxplore (iCandy) Ltd! With the arrival of Lunar New Year, players will be able to collect 3 new pets, 5 new accessories and limited-time furniture to celebrate the occasion in their virtual dream mansion. 

Coming in the latest update are 3 new pets with diverse origins. Meet the American Bobtail cat, the Japanese Shiba Inu dog, and the mystical seasonal Fox pet! For a limited time only, the fox pet will be available for adoption. Foxes bear a significant cultural influence across Korea, Japanese, and Chinese mythology - don’t miss out on this opportunity to adopt this beloved pet!

This springtime celebration makes 8 new, stylish Lunar New Year inspired furniture designs available in your living room. Liven up your mansion with joy and prosperity with these furnitures, which you can only get during this celebration.

Pet interactions will also grant double Candies during this time, so don’t miss out on this chance to bond with your wonderful pets and get rewarded for it!

Are you ready for a Lunar New Year of excitement and wonders? Hop into Hellopet House now to create the cutest mansion with cats, dogs, and even foxes today!

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