It's time for even more madness and mayhem with the 18th Early Access Update for Project Downfall. This goes for the free demo as well so be sure to check that out! It's got it all: secrets,  branching paths and alternate routes, replay value, an adrenaline pumping Original dynamic Soundtrack, varying outcomes of certain events  and even a minigame-which if found down one of the paths, can later be played back at the players apartment..

It usually takes a

Now with even more mayhem, madness and choices leading to one of the possible 12 endings on the Crimson Reapers path of destruction in an 80's inspired cyberpunk lore.

Check out the freshly baked new trailer here: Project Downfall 18th Early Access update trailer - YouTube

Over the course of the games timeline you'll get many fun, alternative opportunities, including:

-living up to your moniker "The Crimson Reaper"....or maybe not;)
-Possibly completely losing your mind in a downward spiral of chaos and destruction
-Or how about uncovering a deeply rooted conspiracy (but as conspiracies go, finding this one will not be an easy task!)
... And that's just a tasting!

Actions have consequences!

Project Downfall is chock-full of choices and hidden stats which will impact  how the game progresses. How you play and what you do will be a deciding factor, as to how your journey will evolve, ultimately going down some wildly different paths. The new 18th update expands this even further with some unexpected twists and turns and updated witness and sanity system (to name a few).

And that's not even the cherry on top. Going live on 04-02-2021 CET another update will follow up with the BloodBorne inspired minigame „New Blood”.

With your trusty blunderbus at the ready, fight your way through the grim forest and up the gloomy township to reclaim what is rightfully yours!

But there's a catch! As with the other minigames (Chaingun Harry and Dead Heat), a physical copy of New Blood has to be found somewhere hidden in the game world. Once picked up, just boot up the MameBox console back at your crib and dive in!

Currently the game is available only on PC Early Access on Steam. And will remain there until deemed good enough by the community to bear the v.1.0. tag.

Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions are also confirmed and will be released a few months after the game leaves Early Access.


  • Brutal and satisfying combat
  • The Superkick! Give your foes a free flying lesson or just smash em' with barrels, doors, tables and even cars
  • 12 endings
  • Adrenaline pumping Dynamic Original Soundtrack
  • Non linear progression and multiple alternate routes to achieve your goal
  • Environmental destruction: create alternative strategies by punching through walls
  • Sanity, witness and consequences systems which will affect how your playthrough progresses.
  • And much more...

All promo assets can be downloaded from the  Presskit: here
Preview copies are available: to inquire, please contact [email protected]


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