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Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) and Fractall Fall released Windfolka third-person aerial shooter, exclusively on PS4 & PS5 last January as part of the PlayStation Talents initiative. Today, Fractal Fall is pleased to show a glimpse of the game’s soundtrack, composed and conducted by Javier Colmen.

“When composing the main theme, I first wrote a melody on a piano, following concept arts and other information shared by the studio”, says Colmen. “Once I had that melody, which represented Essen’s struggle against Russell and The Coalition, I decided to create an orchestral sound to match the epic scale of the story. Thus, I chose ethnic wind instruments and percussion instruments (such as pan flutes and tin whistles) to represent Eurian’s ancient civilizations as well as synthesizers to show how technology was a main driver in the game”. You can take a closer look at the making of Windfolk’s soundtrack in the video below these lines.

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  • Fly freely around the world of Eurian in combat mode or speed up to be as fast as possible in turbo mode once you finish the main story arc.
  • Use your wits to flank your enemies in hectic combats that will challenge you every second.
  • Explore Eurian and its wondrous environments, from a scorching desert to a tropical seaside.
  • Combine different weapons and skills to create your own unique play style.

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