Hotly anticipated Cookie Run: Kingdom Launches Epic Cookie Fighting Game


January 20, 2021, San Mateo, California and Seoul, South Korea - Today, Devsisters launches Cookie Run: Kingdom -  a base-building, RPG mobile game where players out-smart their opponents to invent a new Kingdom more delicious than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Bringing together beloved Cookie Run characters and introducing new ones, the game expands on the popular Cookie Run universe.

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With the goal of out-baking their opponents, players can enlist over 100 Cookies with the gacha function to create a dream team Cookie army. The cookies adventure through over 200 story levels where they build tasty strongholds, fight for the Kingdom, and uncover secrets of the past. It’s a fight to the last crumb.

The game brings players deeper into the Cookie Run storyline which introduced players to OvenBreak (2009) and Cookie Run: OvenBreak (2016), leading running games, with more than 100 million downloads worldwide.

“In the 4 years of developing this game, bringing a “next-level” visual experience was our highest priority: Players feel like they’re in a movie far apart. We’ve also greatly enhanced the way our players experience the familiar characters they’ve grown to love from Cookie Run: OvenBreak. In Kingdom, players are creators - choosing Cookies with special powers, building teams, and being part of a mission worth fighting for,” stated Kim Jongheun, co-chief executive, Devsisters.

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