Free Fire, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, is trusting Survivors with very sensitive information for the release of its next Elite Pass (EP), Fuji Folklore. Rumor has it that an old civilization found outside of a large city houses an ancient artifact thought to provide limitless energy. Rumor also has it that rumor has leaked, causing more and more treasure hunters, gangs, and greedy corporations to search for the artifact. It is up to a gang of protectors to keep this relic out of the wrong hands, although some are more reluctant to protect it than others.

The Fuji Folklore EP shines a light on two members of a gang tasked to protect the artifact, Kamara and Cue. Their jobs become more difficult after one of their own, Flanka, breaks rank in an attempt to profit from the artifact. Due to his selfishness, rumors of this powerful object continue to spread, inviting undesirables to search it out. Now Kamara and Cue are on high alert for any intruders, but at least they can rest a bit easier since hearing rumors of Flanka’s demise. Or can they?
 With the increase in trespassers in the old civilization area, Survivors can earn several rewards to resemble both Kamara and Cue. The Kimono Fighter Bundle (Cue) and Kimono Dancer Bundle (Kamara) skins are only the start as the Fuji Folklore-themed Gift Box, Backpack, PLASMA rifle, and Koi Surfer serve as the perfect complement to both of these.
 The Fuji Folklore EP is inspired by Japanese gangster streetwear fashion. Large, heavy golden jewelry is used to give the feeling of swag along with unique mannerisms.


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