Angelic – 5th Vlog Introduces the Goddess, the Succubus and the Nightingale

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Metaverse developers introduced new heroes from their upcoming narrative strategy-rpg game Angelic. Iset the Mother, who is a goddess and the most impactful hero in the game, was extensively discussed. The team also revealed much about Daeva, whose keywords were the succubus and enchantress. Lastly, Seliné Vivarri was introduced and her special connection with Iset was explained.

The game director described each character’s personality and gameplay function, while the concept artists shed some light on the heroes’ design methodology and approach.

The developer team concludes the latest series of vlogs with this and will move on to gameplay focused vlogs beginning in the next vlog.

Angelic is a narrative turn-based strategy RPG, set in a dark, science fiction universe. In Angelic, you can gather up spectacular heroes, gain their love and respect, upgrade and customize them. Immerse yourself into Angelic’s deep lore and an epic story, experience unforgettable journeys with multi-layered unique characters. Command your one-of-a-kind spaceship and explore an unforgiving universe. Fight with your team to protect your allies, harass the interests of suppressive corporations, and investigate horrific infestation phenomena.

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