After almost a year since the game was started, PalmRide finally gets a free demo on Steam.  The team basically reskinned the entire city in the game for this demo. Check out the Steam page where you’ll find the Demo and the new trailer of the game: . You can also wishlist and follow the game on Steam so you get notified when game announcements are made. 

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PalmRide is an endless driving game set in a futuristic environment inspired by the popular Cyberpunk and Outrun aesthetics. The game is also heavily inspired by the classic Pseudo-3D racing games like Out Run or Lotus III. 

PalmRide on Steam (

What is the goal of the game you might ask?  

Well, just drive around as much as you can and have fun. In the final version of the game there will be a global ranking system for all the players, but in this Demo, you just drive around endlessly. We might add other game modes in the final version of the game (like “don’t run out of fuel”), but for now, the demo captures the pure essence of the game. 

The demo is set in the city zone, so you have to avoid obstacles that you usually find in cities, like cars, motorcycles, police motorcycles, speed bumps... killer arcade machine robots?  

Demo features 

Endless procedurally generated map 

Vibrant and alive city 

Road rendering using classic road rendering techniques 

Extra live and bullets bonuses 

Synthwave background music 

Ability to shoot pretty much everything 

Tunnels that give you epilepsy 

Full game features 

Online global ranking system 

More game zones 

More game modes 


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