Roblox A Block In Time PRE-ALPHA


Roblox A Block In Time PRE-ALPHA, A Block In Time (ABIT) is a parkour and platforming game full of many challenges. You can collect a variety of hats with special powers and obtain different weapons and badges.

Play A Block In Time A Block In Time [PRE-ALPHA] [small update] – Roblox

This game was inspired by the game A Hat In Time, developed by Gears for Breakfast. Our goal is NOT to remake the original, but to build on their idea and create our own story and adventures.

[Left Click] – Attack
[E] – Open Menu
[Space] – Jump
[Space x2] – Double Jump
[Shift (mid-air)] – Dive
[Space after Dive] – Dive Cancel
[Control] – Crouch
[Control + Shift] – Roll
[Control + Space not moving] – Backflip
[Control + Space moving] – Long jump
[Control in airl – Ground pound

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