Last Cloudia Announces Collaboration Event with Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5!

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. A special promotional video with key visuals and illustrations of new in-game units, Dante, Nero, and V, has been released on AIDIS’s official YouTube channel.

■ Collaboration Overview
The Last Cloudia collaboration with Devil May Cry 5 will begin from January 28th for both the Japanese and English versions of the game!
(1)  This Event Includes Three New Units and Two New Arks!
All players will receive at least one collaboration unit by just participating in the event!

▼ Collaboration Units
The units exclusive to this collaboration are Nero, Dante, and V.

▼ Collaboration Arks
The new arks exclusive to this collaboration are Devil May Cry Mobile Office (LR) and Nefarious Usurper Urizen (LR).(2)  Demon King Urizen In Glorious Pixel Form!

In the limited collaboration event The Legendary Devil Hunter, you can battle the powerful Demon King Urizen from Devil May Cry 5 in all his newly created pixel art glory!

(3)  Get and Enhance Limited Event Equipment!Event equipment can be obtained and enhanced by playing the limited time event!
To see the pixel versions of the collaboration units and get further update videos, follow the Official Last Cloudia Twitter (@lastcloudiaen) and check for more updates in the coming days!
■ Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is the latest stylish action game series Devil May Cry (DMC). The series boasts a total of over 22 million units shipped worldwide and is well loved for its tremendous visuals and high-speed combo-based battles.
When powerful demons try to invade the human world, Dante and his Devil Hunters spring into action!

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