Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) and Crevice are happy to announce that Waves Out!, a party game developed under the PlayStation®Talents intiative, is now available as a digital-only title for PS4 in the PlayStation Store for 9,99€ / 9.99$. Waves Out! was born as a jam game during the Global Game Jam, an event held in 2017, where it received an award. That first prototype evolved over the course of the years to eventually become the full game that it is today. 

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In Waves Out!, players will have to compete in a title whose rules are similar to the classic Hungry Hungry Hippo board game. Each player will control Magnetin, a brave little character with magnetic skills that is able to attract the balls scattered through each level. Players will have to get as many balls as possible using Magnetin’s skills as well as platforming mechanics.
Waves Out! features three different game modes. The single-player campaign has up to 13 levels located in five different locations (a forest, a castle, a factory, a volcano and a secret final location). Players will have to achieve as many points as possible to reach the goal of every level, using Magnetin’s abilities — such as its attracting metal objects or its double jump. There are also five different power-ups that will help players through their games.

In the 1v1 mode, two players will face each other. There are different victory conditions (such as getting as many points as possible or trying to get your opponent to score the minimum possible points) plus a new pushing mechanic to get your rivals out of bounds. Survival mode will encourage players to beat their high scores in a battle against themselves.

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