Roblox Area-02 just when ya thought it was safe the Soda war is back. Area-02 is located in [REDACTED], Iceland. This area is said to withhold some of the most dangerous SCPs known to the foundation. It is your job to help keep these SCPs contained. Official roleplay site of Toad_II’s SCPF.

Play Area-02 Area-02 Soda Update – Roblox

How to play:
CD: Prisoners, try to escape or be tested on SCPs.
CI: Rescue Class-D, breach SCPs and shoot Foundation employees.
SCP 457: Burn everyone, without spawn killing them.
SCP 999: Give hugs to everyone.
E&T: Repair walls that the Chaos Insurgency destroy.
MD: Heal Foundation employees and conduct checkups on Class-D.
ScD: Experiment with SCPs, using Class-Ds as test subjects. Tests must be guarded by combative personnel.
SD: Secure the Foundation, stop Class-D from escaping and neutralise the Chaos Insurgency.
MTF: Contain breach SCPs, guard tests, stop Class-D from escaping and neutralise the Chaos Insurgency.
SiC: Command the site, make sure things are running smoothly.
O5 Council: Roam freely.

It usually takes a

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