Hardcore ARPG gets first major game update set for release via Steam on January 13th. Franchise acquired by KPL *

Kiss Publishing Limited (KPL), in association with developer Reroll Games, will release the first major update of Sanctum Breach via Steam on Wednesday December 13th.

This patch adds 2 new Skills to the Warbringer and many other associated major and augmented features 

his is due in the middle of February.


The world is falling into disarray as the device used for millennia by the Gods, the Auxillium Porta, has been destroyed in a conflict between the Gods and their offspring, of which you are one. The gods sole purpose for the Auxillium Porta was to intervene in the ways of Man and prevent them from ultimately damning themselves and the world in which they inhabit. Now you must work to unite the shattered device. By finding its fragments scattered across the universe you hope to undo the damage your siblings wrought and carry on your Father’s legacy.

Character Development

There are a myriad of different methods that can help you to diversify and strengthen you character. Gold can be found by killing enemies encountered on your travels and spent in the Goblin’s Gift, after you complete his quest. This grants you points in Resistances and Damages.

When you level up you gain a point to be spent in the Passive Trees. The Passive Trees have nodes for every pretty much every Stat in the game and are split up into 3 separate trees. You can allocate points anywhere but must follow the paths and Cluster point requirements. At the end of each Cluster is a Keystone which has a dramatic effect, such as “on hit”, or “on damage taken”.

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