‘Humans took my neighbors!’ Spooks up Kickstarter this January 26th!


This time monsters save the day! Launch date and trailer with details about demo and goals!

[for immediate release]

Reynosa, Mexico – January 12th ,2021 – Human took my Neighbors! the retro-inspired top down action game developed by Carlos Garza, brings nostalgic campy arcade horror to PC  with a Kickstarter campaign Demo and Trailer!

Game demo : https://carlos-garza.itch.io/humans-took-my-neighbors

Monsternett year 19XX – All the monsters are getting ready for their Halloween celebration when suddenly …. Humans start appearing from portals totally ruining the vibe and taking all the monsters to the Human World, now it’s Anthony’s and Fenrietta’s duty as proud members of the monster squad to save the remaining neighbors and find the cause for this madness!

Use a variety of weapons to face the Human menace, Anthony’s yoyo, Fenrietta’s bat, guns filled with unholy water, frisbees you name it, everything goes when facing the Humans.

Save your neighbors or don’t with the game having multiple outcomes you’ll face different challenges if you fulfill your duty, or turn more monstrous if you see your neighbors perish.

Find out about the monsters and humans with secret collectables throughout the levels which contain details about the history and secrets of their worlds.

With a classic gameplay with a lives system and usable items you’ll maneuver your way through the levels getting as far as you can in each run, fighting menacing Human bosses trying to smite the Monster Squad.

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