Bee Swarm Simulator Honeyday Event has Been Rough on Zombie Gamer

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Bee Swarm Simulator Honeyday Event has Been Rough on Zombie Gamer. It is not the toughest event at the moment there is one simple thing that's been holding us down that is getting that Snowman.

It usually takes a

It seems we can always manage to help others take it sown but can not run into any breaks where others are around with the power to to help when we make the attempt for our self and even without 37 bees he melts before the task is done.

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❄️ Winter Honeyday Update! ❄️

🎅 Traveling Bear: Bee Bear! Help this jolly bear prepare for Beesmas by delivering Presents and more!
🎩 Beequips: A new type of item you can equip to your bees! Enhance their stats, teach them new abilities!
🕯️ Decorations: Help Bears complete honeyday decorations to unlock special tools around the map!
🎄 Beesmas Tree: Exchange gifts with the Bears to obtain special boost-granting Ornaments!
☃️ Snowbear: Defeat the Snowbear! Each time you do, it grows bigger and stronger!
📰 Bee Bear's Catalog: Collect Gingerbread Bears and Snowflakes to purchase special items in this limited time shop!

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