Match colorful tiles & solve 1400+ brain-teasing anagrams across 4 unique game modes in this ambient puzzler!

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An ambient puzzler full of colorful brain-teasing fun

  • Over 1400 Levels: play tons of letter-matching levels featuring 4 special abilities
  • Over 1400 Anagrams: solve a huge array of anagrams ranging from easy to mind-bending
  • 4 Ways to Play: unlock everything with Classic mode, relax with Zen mode, race with Blitz mode or choose with Free mode
  • Ambient soundtrack: responsive music and soothing soundscapes set the mood for each game mode
  • Dark Mode: switch to a soothing dark theme with the click of a button

Start with Classic mode, where all game modes & categories can be unlocked

  • 2-Part Gameplay: first, play a colorful letter-matching level, then solve a brain-teasing anagram made up of the same letters
  • Earn Keys: for every 5 anagrams you solve, you earn a key! Use keys to unlock new ways to play, including 3 bonus game modes
  • 35 Categories: keys can also be used to unlock new word categories of your choice. Can you unlock them all?
  • Progressive Difficulty: the more you play, the harder each category gets. Track your progress through the interactive category screen
  • Responsive Soundtrack: enjoy a unique ambient soundtrack, adding flourishes and notes as you play

Race against the clock with Blitz mode

  • Puzzle mode: counting down from 10 seconds, each match puts 3 seconds back on the clock! The longer you play, the harder it gets--how long can you last?
  • Anagram mode: with only 60 seconds to solve each anagram, how many can you solve before the clock runs out? Each anagram solved will reset the clock!
  • Energizing soundtrack: amp up your game with an upbeat soundtrack

Kick back & relax with Zen mode

  • Endless puzzles: choose your favorite colors & enjoy a breezy puzzle that never ends
  • Endless anagrams: choose your word list & solve anagrams with limitless hints
  • Peaceful soundtrack: enjoy relaxing, nature-inspired songs while you play

Choose your own difficulty with Free mode

  • Play your way: play level after level or anagram after anagram ONLY at the difficulty YOU prefer
  • Responsive Soundtrack: features the unique responsive soundtrack from Classic mode


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