Metal Tales: Overkill Kickstarter Ends Soon


Heshers stormed the stage of the crowdfunding campaign for Metal Tales: Overkill console editions on its very first day, helping the project to reach its goal within eight hours. Selected by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love,” the campaign is currently building toward the third stretch goal which adds support for macOS and Linux platforms, and it will end on Friday, January 1st.

Check out the Kickstarter at

It usually takes a
  •  50+ items: charge up with new guitars, strings, pedals, amps, books, and summons
  •  15 different enemies to beat to the beat
  •  8 Guitar Bosses – the ultimate showdown!
  •  4 playable characters to choose from: Are you more Metallica, Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath? Choose the character you identify with the most!
  •  3 environments: Enjoy exploring 3 different environments like Metal Den, Metal Festival and Hell
  •  6 levels to blast through with unstoppable energy
  •  Procedurally generated levels: Experience randomly generated levels to play through. No session will ever be the same
  •  Local CO-OP to jam it out with a friend
  • Mission system to unlock abilities and upgrade stats between runs
  •  Original soundtrack and international Metal bands’ songs –  you are sure to find a new hidden gem!

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