BloxDev What is a ProximityPrompt?


ProximityPrompt is a method to prompt users and allow them to interact with an object in the 3D world, such as opening a door or picking up an item. This is a system that developers have been writing on their own, but we wanted to make it easy for devs, and also have a universal system across Roblox, so players easily understand how to interact with objects.

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Using this new feature you can:

  • Indicate what objects can be interacted with in the world
  • Display what action(s) can be taken on the object
  • Trigger that action(s) through user input
  • Display the correct input for all input types (keyboard/gamepad/touchscreen)
  • Use a tap to instantly trigger the action, or a hold to trigger the action over a period of time
  • Use the default UI provided or add your own custom UI

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